How to Develop a New Healthy Habits

How to Develop a New Healthy Habits

The habits of eating and drinking, the tendency to vent anger on others or smoke to relieve stress. Everyone knows it's not good. The solution is to get rid of bad habits and replace them with healthy habits. So where should we start? We subconsciously do things the same way every day, without considering the consequences or effects of those habits. So how do I develop a new healthy habit? Please refer to the following article to find the answer

1. Identify habits

Not all habits are good and healthy. For example, when we come home from work every day, out of habit, we go to an alcoholic drink to relax instead of going on the treadmill. This is bad for your health. Or while watching TV, we take advantage of sipping a plate of chips, accompanied by a cup of coca-cola instead of eating vegetables and drinking fruit juice. As a result, my health gradually deteriorated.

We are often not actively conscious of whether our habits are good or bad. So the first thing to do is reshape perception. Coughs that become more persistent or a feeling of shortness of breath after walking up a few stairs. This is a warning sign of a lifestyle full of bad habits or a lack of healthy habits. So, it's time to re-examine our habits!

2. Make a decision, then commit to change

Of course, it's always easier said than done. How many times have we told ourselves, "Yes, I should exercise more and eat better. Sooner or later I'll do it".

Unfortunately, procrastination only makes it harder to change a bad habit. Making a serious commitment to yourself is essential. It drives intentions to be realized.

3. Identify what causes bad habits

If you can't figure out what causes bad habits, you're digging your own grave.

All of us, in our weakest and most vulnerable moments, need support or release negative energy. Forming bad habits like using drugs or overeating is not the solution to the problem.

Everyone has bad days. But we don't have to resort to bad habits to relieve stress. We should not let boredom, anger, or anxiety become a factor in shaping a negative lifestyle. Replace them with healthy habits.

4. Make a plan

Benjamin Franklin had a great plan to fix his bad habits.

Benjamin Franklin - one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. He was a politician, a scientist, a writer, a printer, a philosopher, an inventor, a social activist, a leading diplomat.

Benjamin Franklin listed 13 virtues that he felt were important in his life and then developed a process for implementing them. He focused on one virtue each week for 13 weeks.

He documented his transformation. Since some virtues are the foundation for others to develop, he arranged them in order of performance. At the beginning of the list is the habit of eating in moderation. Because "it promotes intelligence and reason in people".

After a regular diet became routine, he continued to practice the habit of silence. Because according to him, to acquire knowledge in the most effective way, it is necessary to "use the ears more than the tongue".

Franklin's list of virtues comes with their respective reasons and purposes. He realized that following rules would free him from bad habits, allowing important things to be done. This consistency, once a habit, will help him focus on cultivating other good qualities.

List of Benjamin Franklin About Habits

You can think of a similar list for yourself to incorporate good habits into your lifestyle. Here is a list of Benjamin Franklin:

1. Eat in moderation - Eat not to be stupid; Drink not to get drunk.

2. Silence – Speak when necessary; Avoid small talk.

3. Order - Put everything in order.

4. Resolute - Resolve to do what you should do; don't fail to do what you deal with.

5. Saving - No cost unless it benefits yourself and those around you. One piece of advice for you is to take advantage of discount codes, coupons for goods when shopping, it will help you save more, make you happier.

6. Hardworking – Don't waste time; always invest in something useful; Don't do unnecessary things.

7. Sincerity - Do not use deception to hurt.

8. Justice – Don't make hurtful mistakes. Ignore personal interests when on duty.

9. Moderation - Avoid causing excess. Don't let hurt or anger control you.

10. Cleanliness - Does not tolerate uncleanness, filth in the body, clothing, and housing.

11. Peace of mind - Don't be disturbed by trifles and inevitable incidents.

12. Loyalty – Do not hurt your partner. Do not damage your reputation.

13. Humility – Imitate Jesus and Socrates (the great ancient Greek philosopher).

5. Visualization and self-affirmations

If you want to change your actions, you must first change your thinking. 

Everything in life starts with the mind and intuitive ideas. Positive action stems from a positive attitude and concept. So are habits.

Visualizing yourself practicing good habits creates a powerful motivator for you to change.

Along with that, affirmations to yourself will program the subconscious with the right mindset to establish new habits.

All allow you to create the perception and imagination that you are performing good deeds. Visualization and self-affirmations make it easier to form healthy habits.

6. Reward yourself with good things

Many bad habits form from the very beginning. The reason is that they make us feel good, even if only temporarily. This short-term comfort will temporarily relieve stress and pain. But you'll feel twice as bad right after. For example, smoking or drinking alcohol. While doing the action, you feel relaxed. Soon, however, guilt and regret will flood in.

So, to avoid repeating bad habits, proactively reward yourself with good things. For example, a new book, a movie, a concert, or a new piece of exercise equipment. Take advantage of discount codes, coupons for shopping items to make yourself happier.  Visit a friend, go to an art gallery in the city center, or enjoy a swoon-worthy latte.


Here are the steps to help you develop a new healthy habit. After performing positive actions over and over again, they become habits. Good habits make you a happy human being with a healthy lifestyle.

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