How you can develop a website from WordPress

How you can develop a website from WordPress

What is wordpress?

WordPress is a CMS that is used to develop a website.WordPress is developed on PHP programming language. If you know programming languages you can make your own cms. In WordPress, you can make any type of website such as blog, e-commerce, membership, multi-vendor eCommerce website, and more. If you know how you can develop a website from wordpress you can start freelancing and earn money. If you don’t know how we can develop a website don’t worry in this blog I will teach about wordpress.

Hosting or domain

If you want to create a website with the help of wordPress  so in first  you need hosting and domain


 A domain is a website name let suppose this is a website

So an example is a domain name and .com is an extension

You can buy a domain from domain and hosting provider websites such as


Hosting is a place where you can store your website files.

In small words, if you want to develop a website. So first of all you buy hosting and domain then you will be able to develop the website.

If you have no price you can free hosting and domain from

How to install wordpress on hosting?

So now you need to install WordPress on your hosting. So first of all sign in with your account on that website where you buy hosting. Then go to the hosting section and click on Cpanel if you don’t know where is Cpanel of the website you can contact your hosting providers they will guide you. Then go to the Cpanel of your hosting and click on the software install button. After it selects WordPress for installing then set your username and password and click on install. After some loading wordpress will successfully install in your hosting.

How you can access wordpress on your website?

If you install WordPress on your website so the first question is how you can access your WordPress on your website. Don’t worry  I will give the answer to this question yes of course so let start. So first open your website on google for example your domain name is

Now write on google search bar then click on the search button. After search If 404 found page opens on google so It means WordPress has no install on your website. On the other hand, the WordPress login page opens on google so I give you congratulation because WordPress has successfully been installed on your website then simply enter that username and password which you have set on install time. Now click on the login button then the Admin dashboard opens on your website so then let's start to build the website.

Install theme on WordPress

So now we start how to build a website on WordPress. In first go on the appearance on WordPress. This button is located on the sidebar. When you enter the mouse on the appearance button then a dropdown will be open in the sidebar you will see the theme button. Just click on the theme button after click you will redirect to the theme page. On the theme page, you will see a “ Add new button ” just click on this you will redirect to on install theme page where you can install the theme on your website.

On the other hand, you can upload a theme from your computer to your website. So the question is this how you can upload a theme to the website? don’t worry I teach you. First of all, go on google search wordPress theme simple open theme provider website and save theme from website to your computer then upload a zip file of that theme on the website. After installation clicks on activate and check your website you will see your website has a new look.

Plugins in wordpress

After installation of the theme then you will install plugins on your website. So first of all go in the plugin wordpress. This button locates on the sidebar. When you click on the plugin button then you will redirect to the plugin page. On the plugin page, you will see the “Add new ” button just click on it. After clicking you will redirect to the plugin install page here you can install the plugin on your website. On the other hand, you can upload a plugin-like theme by just clicks on the upload plugin button and upload a zip file of the plugin from your computer. After installation click on activate. Similarly, as a theme, you can take plugin files from google.

Plugins are totally depended on you what type of plugin you want to install. If you want to develop a blog website so blog websites different plugins are used in wordpress. Similarly, if you want to develop an eCommerce website so for eCommerce website different plugins are used.

After installation of plugin and theme in wordpress

Now you can simply do changes to your website. After changing your website will be ready. So for this procedure, you can develop a website. If you have any confusion just leave a comment  I will reply soon and solve your problem. Thanks for reading

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