How should a beginner start writing practice for the UPSC CSE?

How should a beginner start writing practice for the UPSC CSE?

Writing practice is the most important factor to achieving top marks and an excellent score for UPSC CSE MAINS ESSARY WRITING CSE. In the end, it does not matter how many books you read, you will receive marks based on what you write on the final exam paper. Hence it is best to begin answering writing as soon as possible, ideally 2 months before starting preparation.

Before starting to write answers, one must go through the past year's topper answer booklets to get an idea of how toppers used to write answers. Nowadays, these copies are easily available online on websites like GS Score and EDEN IAS among others. Then one should know the meaning of different keywords that UPSC questions have like discuss, critically analyze, examine, etc. I had found a good one-page EDEN IAS document on the internet which included the meaning of all these keywords. Once this is done one can start answer writing.

Best ways to begin the process writing practice

The best way to begin the process is to write responses to newspaper editorials. One can begin to frame questions that are simple to answer about the editorials we read in newspapers. For instance, it has been reported that the Kul Bhushan Jadhav case in ICJ is receiving lots of editorials appearing in newspapers. So one can frame simple questions like what is ICJ, when was it formed and its background, what is its mandate, has it been successful in fulfilling its mandate, what reforms it needs, etc. Initially, one must not focus more on the time one is taking to finish an answer. It's fine even if it takes more than 15-20 minutes. The focus should be more on the content and quality of answers DAILY MAINS ANSWER WRITING COURSE

After about a month, as one gains confidence, one can begin writing questions based on previous UPSC exam papers. In addition, one can use websites like insights on India, etc. where they answer daily questions.

UPSC questions For Writing Practice

Every UPSC question should have an Introduction, Body, Conclusion. Ensure that your introduction is such that the examiner gets to know what exactly the question is. It should also explain to them what the examiner will include in the body. The Body should be multidimensional and cover the most aspects that are feasible. Do put facts, data, use maps, flowcharts, various committees' reports, Supreme court judgments, etc. to enrich your essay. It is best to compose your essay in points format instead of using paragraphs. In the end, the conclusion should be forward-looking and generally include a suggestion, best practices from an ongoing program of the government, etc.

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