Ten Funniest Quotes In The Witcher Games

Ten Funniest Quotes In The Witcher Games

The Witcher series is serious, but not so serious that it doesn't have a sense of humor. There are a few of the funniest quotes from it. Witcher 3 in the heart of the woods video game series is noted for its brutality and adult themes. Life on the continent is difficult, and its inhabitants have built a thick skin to cope with the daily challenges.

The characters developed a dry, funny, and cynical sense of humor as a result of their ordeals. Dry observations of their environment and reacting to the idiocy that none of them has time for providing the source of laughter, which is amplified when the observation or remark is dropped suddenly. Geralt is known for his sarcasm and dry wit, but if you know where to look, you can find comedy all over the Continent.

1 witcher."Any Other Brilliant Deductions You Want to be Confirmed?"

Geralt is known for speaking his thoughts aloud, particularly while reviewing a crime scene. When he's alone in the desert, this habit is great, but when other people are around to witness his findings, hilarity ensues.

Dijkstra is one character who not impress by Geralt's insistence on stating the obvious. His no-nonsense demeanor, coupled with his sarcasm, contrasts sharply with Geralt's observations, such as a massive hole in the vault's wall being where robbers fled with the vault's contents.

2 witcher."Vhajijlth Alle'ghe Urh ghilleth!"

Geralt assassinates the Prince of Ofieri and finds himself on a ship bound for a distant land to be executed. The Geralt takes his only opportunity to plead his case as his cellmate speaks the esoteric language. Geralt is given a translation by his new friend and then has to speak quickly before his captors depart.

The choice is on a timer, and one of the options Geralt will spout is the above, much to the chagrin of the guards. When they depart, Geralt inquires as to what he said to elicit such a response from his cellmate. The response is, "You nose bouncy," and other such nonsense.

3 witcher. "You've Still Shite To Talk About!"

This endearing line was spoken by Olgierd von Everec's deceased brother, whose spirit had possessed Geralt for a night of revelry. A wedding, Geralt concluded, would be the ideal distraction for the ghost. This was the case, as the ghost decided to give a speech at the party in which he insulted almost everyone.

The von Everecs were a noble family, and the ghost cheerfully informs the peasant wedding guests that peasants have "shite to speak about," but are, overall, more enjoyable than predicted. If ever there was a backhanded compliment, this is it.

4. "Far As I'm Concerned He Might As Well Be Rotting Down There With A Goddamn Trombone."

Dijkstra note for his reserved demeanor and sardonic wit. In Novigrad, he's the same as ever, with Radovid making him saltier than ever. When talking about Dandelion's disappearance, he says this line, mistaking Dandelion's lute for a mandolin.

Geralt could make the mistake of correcting him, which will do little to lift Dijkstra's spirits. Dandelion, lying at the bottom of a dirty river with several musical instruments, comes to mind throughout the conversation.

5 witcher. "An Immortal Demands You Fulfill Three Wishes, And You have The Gall To Propose A Round Of Gwent?"

Geralt's fascination with Gwent is exemplified in this quote from Hearts of Stone. Instead of satisfying his three wishes, he offers them to Olgierd von Everec. The request irritates Olgierd, particularly because it is so insignificant and silly in comparison to his status as an immortal and O'Dimm's status as a devil-like being. Gwent, on the other hand, is a popular fallback for many players, an old faithful game that rarely disappoints, particularly if they have a good deck.

6 witcher. "...More Like The Crimson Asshole."

Dandelion has a vivid and imaginative imagination as a musician and artist. This makes becoming a bard lucrative, but it also means that many of his schemes and plans are silly, risky, or just plain stupid.

His scheme to impersonate a vigilante and stage a bogus mugging is intricate and complicated. Dandelion's superhero persona is The Crimson Avenger, and he dresses in purple. Geralt bestows the moniker The Crimson Asshole on him as a result of his obnoxious banter during the encounter, putting into words what everyone else was thinking.

7. "Iorveth - A Regular Son Of A Whore."

Iorveth and Roche have one of the most acrimonious relationships in The Witcher series, owing to Roche's massacre of Iorveth's people. In The Witcher 2, Geralt, Triss, and Roche are traveling together when they come across Iorveth on the lane. Roche's crimes against Iorveth's citizens are mention in a grand introduction by Iorveth. Rather than following suit, Roche presents his adversary in the most straightforward manner possible. The comparison between the two exchanges is funny.

8. "You're No Roach..."

This is what Geralt says to Princess, a goat he has to save from wandering off in the woods. The relationship gets off to a rocky start, with Princess charging headlong into danger while Geralt battles a bear. As the journey progresses, Geralt grows fond of the goat's business, and he even bestows upon her an honor seldom bestowed upon any beast, let alone a goat.

Geralt tells the Princess as their time together draws to a close, "Although you aren't Roach, I believe we might become friends in the future. You have the one attribute that every Roach must have: you don't talk much."

9. “Geralt I’m Not In The Mood For Jests. Especially Dull Ones.”

Even in the most desperate and inappropriate of circumstances, Geralt is known for his sarcasm. Yennefer is one of the characters who refuse to let his razor-sharp wit get the best of him. Although she loves a witty back-and-forth with the witcher on occasion, she will call him out if the situation becomes critical. Telling him his jests are of low quality in this situation. Although Geralt admires Yennefer's bluntness, the fact that he quickly shuts down his bad attempt at humor makes the situation all the more amusing.

10. "Don't Dare Call Me Bagginson"

When going through Novigrad, you will hear this. It's a humorous nod to The Lord of the Rings, as well as a bit of characterization for the little people with personalities much larger than their stature suggests.

Novigrad's residents are a rough group, which reflects in the city's general atmosphere. Hearing a remark like this is surprising, and the Easter Egg will bring a smile to every Lord of the Rings fan's face.

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