The Douyin infringed Tencent again?

Unshared News said: Tencent And Douyin started to "fight" again. Recently, the topic of "Tencent Video sued Douyin for infringement claims of 100 million" hit WeiboHot search, and this "fighting" has also spread to the recent big-fire TV series "Sweeping Black Storm".

"Tou Teng War" new show becomes the center of the storm, and the battlefield turns to the video field

Tencent Video sued Douyin for copyright infringement and unfair competition due to a large number of content in the hit drama "Cracking Black Storm" on Douyin, demanding compensation of 100 million yuan. However, it has been reported that Douyin and "Sweeping Dark Storm" have long had a cooperative relationship, and it was Tencent who published related works on Douyin through a third party. A reporter from "Business School" asked Douyin and Tencent to verify this but did not receive a reply.

Tou Teng war

For the "people who eat melons", the outbreak of the "Tou Teng war" is no longer one or two times. Douyin's parent company Bytedance and its affiliated company Toutiao and Tencent have repeatedly caused friction.

In May 2018, Douyin Short Video brought Tencent to court for a dispute over reputation rights infringement, and then a series of "head-to-head battles" started: In June of the same year, Bytedance and Tencent mutually sued each other for unfair Technology competition; 2019 In September 2021, Tencent sued ByteDance for unfair competition due to unauthorized grabbing of the contents of the WeChat official account by Toutiao; in February 2021, Douyin sued Tencent for monopoly, which opened up anti-monopoly discussions in the entire Internet industry; June 2021, The two sides "started fighting" again because of Tencent's "pig food theory"...

What kind of clues will there be for the new show of the "Tou Teng War"? How should the infringement problem of "Sweeping Black Storm" be solved?

Assistant Professor Wang Peng of Renmin University of China pointed out:

There is a certain difference between the struggle this time due to "Sweeping Dark Storm" and previous frictions. The previous spread may include more article links, music, games, etc., but now it has obviously spread to the video field.

As a distribution platform, Tencent Video is a professional content platform that requires more resource investment and professional team production, while Douyin has the nature of a large number of user creations, with fewer funds and a short cycle, but the latter has gained greater flow. This actually reflects the dispute between two different forms of communication.

It is difficult to determine whether short videos are infringing or not. Many short video contents support by long video materials, but some original contents do exist. This is a problem that is difficult to define and review on a global scale.

At present, the short video represented by Douyin and the long video represented by Tencent may continue a long "battle" process. Nevertheless, how to better coexist between the two, both sides also need to give play to their own characteristics. The long video platform can highlight the professional moat, while the short video needs to encourage more original content and improve the internal mechanism to resist the risk of infringement.

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